Discipline  Hard Work  Trust  Respect 

Important Dates


August 1, 8, 15, & 22

Dallas Champions Academy 4S

Stretch, Strength, Speed and Skills Test

Kids Playing Tug of War
A 4-week video-driven in work out concentrating on four basic exercise fundamentals while practicing social distancing guidelines and using everyday home products.  This video series hopes to inspire youth to take initiative in their own health and wellness by affording them the opportunity to be coached by a licensed physical trainer.


June 28 - July 1st

Virtual Dallas Champions Academy

Cute Girl in Classroom
The Virtual Dallas Champions Academy is an interactive quarterly digital gathering with 100+ DCA students.  The goal of these quarterly gatherings is to both introduce and build upon the four DCA life principles of Trust, Discipline, Hard Work and Respect. There will also be a time of Spiritual Formation centered around the four principles in addition to discussions on College, Career and Community.

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