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CHAMPS Read Mentorship Program

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

CHAMPS Read is a literacy mentorship program for under served Dallas elementary students. With volunteer mentors, CHAMPS Read focuses on helping mentees develop literacy skills and building meaningful mentor-mentee relationships that encourage confidence and a love for reading. During weekly sessions, mentors and the mentor coordinator hold one-on-one reading sessions with students, reading together and reinforcing language and reading comprehension through prepared activities.

Ivonne Millian

Ivonne Millan, the coordinator of the Dallas Champions Academy’s Reading Buddies Program is married with three children, each of whom are participants in the Dallas Champions Mentoring Program. Having been a committed volunteer for the last two years, Ivonne has taken the next step in joining the DCA team. Ivonne is an avid soccer player and is passionate about providing opportunities, for not only her children, but all children, to excel in classroom, in the community and whatever arena they enter.Her passion is unparalleled, and we are excited to see her transmit this passion to our next generation of leaders.

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