Champions Academy University Day

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Chump (Champions University Mentoring Program)

University Day covers the 10 Step Road Map to College that includes Applying, Financial Aid, Housing and Placement Testing..”

Our University Day Helps The Camp Participants To Realize Their Potential Through Furthering Their Education

For many of our camp participants the idea of attending college is overwhelming and nearly impossible. Most will be the first ones in their family to attend college. We want our participants to excel far beyond what our camp has to offer. So we have introduced our Camp University Day. We use this day to expose the students to the possibilities that come with attending college. We help to inspire the students to reach their full potential and break the poverty cycle in their families. We partner with the students to help navigate some of the barriers associated with college such as, selecting and applying for a college, understanding the admission process, preparing for college admission exams, applying for financial aid, and selecting a career path.

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